The Cabbage Effect - Press kit

By Ninja Garage on September 17, 2020

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Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Ninja Garage
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Platforms: Steam
  • Website:
  • Price: TBA
  • Contact:
  • Social Media: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook

  • Description

    The Cabbage Effect is a cartoon-pop-surrealistic twin-stick shooter with procedurally generated stages that takes place in an apocalyptic narrative.

    The game shows that planet Earth was invaded by complex and strange creatures and, during the attack, the planet was protected by a small team with their vehicles and gadgets.


  • Unlockable characters
  • A variety of absurd weapons
  • Environment interactions like picking and throwing scene props as weapons or holding them as shields
  • Experimental narrative that explores aesthetic elements of non-verbal storytelling and communication noise

  • Trailer


    Key Art

    Selected Articles and Extra Links

  • Techraptor

    Fairly Wild Cabbage, With Some Other Odd Veggies

  • IGN

    This bizarro twin-stick shooter is quite something to look at - and that's because it's about aliens trying to work out what happened on Earth based on the films, magazines and more that we left behind

  • Event: 2nd day, Guerrilla Collective, 2020

  • Event: Indie Game Selection, Tokyo Game Show, 2020

  • About Ninja Garage

    Ninja Garage is composed by Rafaella Ryon and Dinart Filho, together creating 2d/3d artwork, animation and games.

    Rafaella received a B.A in Art and Media at UFCG - Brazil (2006); working as illustrator, concept artist, 2d animator, character designer, 3d artist for advertising, publishing companies, short films, comic books, educational books, card games and video games since 2001.

    Dinart received a B.A in Art and Media at UFCG - Brazil (2004); Post-Graduate (Latu Sensu) in Visual Communication at FIP - Brazil (2006); working as 3d modeler, 3d animator, graphic designer, vfx designer, music composer, programmer and full stack game developer since 2002.

    After 12 years of money savings, mechanics testings and narrative conceptions the studio is finally able to release their own first commercial title.


    Twitter: @Ninja_Garage

    Instagram: @ninjagarage

    Facebook: @ninjagarage


    Download a pdf version of this press kit and all images in a .zip file